Our website portfolio

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Brief: An instantly engaging, mobile friendly design with emphasis on imagery. To stand out in overcrowded holiday rental market. Client needed website in 3 weeks.

We’d invested time and money in lovingly converting our pigeon loft into a holiday home - and it was invisible! Tall Poppy let us reach holiday makers with beautiful images and a mobile friendly design.
— Colin & Lettice - Happy holiday home owners 2019

Design influences:

Research indicated that the majority of potential customers search for holiday accommodation from their phone. We realised that the mobile platform was key, so a scrolling index page and responsive design across all portable devices and browsers were critical elements. Competitor analysis revealed a crowded market, but with a lack of engaging or design-led websites, thus offering a great opportunity for our client to stand out. Holiday buying decisions are highly influenced by the quality and variety of website images.


The end result:

We created and launched a bilingual, beautifully designed, fresh, image-led site. Video played a part in creating an immersive experience. Tall Poppy was responsible for all content creation, photo curation, image correction, site design and layout, logo design, video production and certain elements of photography. We also managed the social media and SEO development work. Working in close collaboration with our client, the site was launched in less than 3 weeks.


Brief: Guitar maker required a contemporary website incorporating video and music. Design was paramount - to showcase a range of beautiful handmade guitars with appeal to clients in the UK and Europe.

I needed an honest, authentic website that represented my craft and allowed me to reach customers in new markets. I just didn’t have time to do this myself. Tall Poppy have showcased my guitars beautifully with great imagery and sound.
— Godefroy Maruejouls - Busy luthier 2019

Design influences:

Our research revealed a vast array of competition, from tiny workshops to large factory-based businesses with global reach. Analysis of competitors’ websites often showed them to be lacking in technical detail, overcrowded and poorly presented. There was a great opportunity for our client to shine with breathtaking visuals and audio. The mobile platform was considered to be key, so tools such as scrolling index pages and beautiful imagery that rendered well on portable devices was critical.


The end result:

With the photogenic beauty of our client’s instruments, combined with the right technical language, we created an impactful, image-rich website enhanced with video imagery and sound. The user can choose to go deeper into the product for more technical information which enhances the buying potential. Tall Poppy was responsible for site design and layout, photo curation and correction, content creation and social media and SEO indexing. The project took four weeks from start to launch.


Brief: Freelance consultant needed a modern website to use as a business development tool. The use of video enables potential clients to “meet” her and animations and subtle imagery creates an interesting presentation.

I wanted to stand out from my competitors and have a fresh way of reaching out to potential clients. Tall Poppy have captured the essence of my personality and style perfectly and I’m already getting excellent feedback and results.
— Sally Dunwoody - Industrious Headhunter 2019

Design Influences:

We knew we couldn’t effectively portray our client’s consultancy business with visuals alone, so the website had to showcase her expertise. The website needed to present our client and her work in a slick, professional and engaging way. We decided that video would be the perfect medium, allowing potential clients to “meet” their consultant. Our research revealed that many competitors’ websites were text-heavy, boring and difficult to read, so we used animation and evocative imagery to create immediate engagement.


The end result:

We have created a slick, engaging website that presents our client’s experience, skills and representative work in a professional and immersive way. This was a full-service design brief. Tall Poppy produced the video and photography as well as all content and design elements, in addition to SEO indexing. The project took five days from start to launch.